We all know how stressful studying can be. Whether you want it or not, there will be both ups and downs in your academic life. And such phenomenon as paper writing only makes it worse. But a good writing service like us ca fix it all.

It is no secret that students tend to stress a lot about grades, deadlines and keeping pace with fellow students just like grownups get stressed out about their work. And it’s not ok. College years are supposed to be the happiest or at least the easiest time of your life where you meet new friends, hang out at parties, get your first car and so no. But the reality is you do not have enough time to spend with your nearest and dearest, and you do not even get to drive your car because you spent your gas money on the textbooks. That is where gradekeepers US service comes into play.


First thing first, we believe in our clients. Should you find time inner strength to write your paper, we will gladly review it once you finished. And we are happy to help you along your writing journey. We asked our writers to share their writing secrets and to lift the veil of how to produce a solid piece of academic work. Here is what we found out:

“The ultimate secret to a great essay or any other pre-planned writings is bullet points. Yes, that is all you need at the stage of preparing. Once you learned your topic, you have to write down what you have to do and what exactly is supposed to be mentioned in your paper. It is essential for you to perceive visually the whole process. My professor gave me this advice. And at first, I thought it was a bit silly. I mean, all the information I need is in my head. But then I noticed that some of the details I intended to mention were missing from my essay. I started to write down all the initial plans and ideas, and final papers were always profound. This advice never let me down since then”

Aaron, 7 years of academic writing experience

“I can say that the only thing that matters is a research. You must dig up airtight facts both interesting and undeniable so that your paper would be considered to be a serious scientific effort. You must rest on sources that have proven to be trustworthy. Disputable facts are your worst enemies. Once you mention something dubious, your whole work is menaced. Do not include any information unless it is rock-solid.”

James, 12 years of academic writing experience


Since we mention what our writers have to say about working process, we should also tell you a little bit more about people working it our team so that you would not hesitate when ordering gradekeepers reviews or papers. As much different and diverse as they are, there are still few common features they pose:

  • Though there are lots of bilingual writers employed in our company, all of them are native English speakers. It is essential because we cannot let a person without advanced language skills to be in charge of our customers’ academic success. It’s out of the question.
  • It is another important feature we always consider when hiring a writer. However talented a writer can be, we only hire degree holders whether it is a PhD or MA. It is a matter of the professionalism, and here we only let an expert to be assigned to write your paper. Now that you know there are professionals involved, you can be sure that whichever topic of the paper you got, our writers are capable of covering it.

Experience. As important as previous factors are, there is no use of them if a writer is not experienced. We are talking about at least a few years of academic writing under their belt. Before being hired, we ask all the candidates to show us their record to be ensured that our customers will get top class service.


Our team of professionals will go to a great length to make our customers satisfied. So what are the benefits of working with? There are lots of them, and we are about to list it. Fasten your seatbelt as you are about to fly business class of the writing service:

  • High-quality paper. Our writers tend to produce the best of the works when a customer is involved. Whether it is a gradekeepers review or an essay, they will work day and night so that you will be pleased with an overall result.
  • Plagiarism-free content. The paper you get will be 100% unique as we ensure it by running constant plagiarism checks and working with professional writers only.
  • On-time delivery. There is no worse feeling as being kept waiting. It’s awful! That’s why our service will never miss the deadline, and you will not hear any wacky excuses.
  • Secrecy of personal details. When it comes to our customers’ private and financial information, it is under seven seals. Nothing will make us reveal a single digit of your personal information. You are safe with us.
  • 24/7 customer support. Both our operators and our writers are always there to help you solving any problem. Once you realize something is bothering you, write to grade keepers (as we call ourselves) and get an immediate response.

With all this information in mind, you might start considering us to be your one and only academic papers and reviews provider. At this point, we can only offer to stop hesitating and submit your order at gradekeepers website. Do it right now and make all your problems go away!